What does the term Automobile Performance really mean? Is that term reserved for people who want their cars to go fast, or to race in some way? In a really short answer: NO! For a true automobile enthusiast, performance can mean almost anything. Whether you want to make your car go faster, achieve better fuel mileage, look cooler through personalization of its looks, make it fit bigger tires for the rough roads ahead, or just want it to perform at the best that its designers intended it, these are all forms of automobile performance.

     Here at Performance Unlimited of Vermont we specialize in two forms of auto performance – Jeep Customization and Land Rover Restoration. The 4×4 experts at Performance Unlimited are truly automobile enthusiasts, and speak your language. We pride ourselves on understanding what our customers needs, and making that happen to your satisfaction and beyond.  

     Our customers come from all walks of life, for some it’s their first time learning about Jeep Lifts and are still figuring out what they want. This can be a great time to start a conversation with Rodney Brooks or one of the 4×4 experts at Performance Unlimited because there is a lot to learn. Some customers really like to be involved with the modifications so they can take part in the build – we have ways to include you! Many prefer to drop off their restoration projects on a flat bed and pick it up when it’s done. No problem! Some of our customers know exactly what they want while others have a vague idea how they want it to look. Whatever the vision is for your next project, contact Performance Unlimited, we love turning dreams into reality.