Rodney Brooks

When it comes to automotive customization Rodney Brooks is one of the most sought after professionals in the industry despite, laying low in Vermont. Rodney started out as a Manufacturing and Project Manager for many years in the manufacturing industry. He satisfied his passion for racing through involvement with SCCA, NHRA, and mud racing to name a few. Needless to say, whether he is working on a wheel or has one in his hand, automotive is what drives him.

Rodney spends his time running Performance Unlimited and DAP Land Rover Restoration as well as organizing events, and volunteering as a Trail Guide with Jeep Jamboree USA. Very knowledgeable in his craft, and one of the best people you would want to meet, Rodney’s “Five wheels” philosophy (Four on the ground, and one to hold onto) keep him highly involved in creating amazing custom vehicles.

AKA the “Wiznerd,” Rodney is gifted when it comes to diagnosing Jeep performance issues and Land Rover problems

Lisa Brooks

Lisa is the part-time book keeper here as well as the loving wife of Rodney. When she is not here keeping everything in order, and making sure everyone gets paid (since everyone likes money), she works at her “real job” as a Medical Coder at Rutland Hospital. She also likes to co-pilot the jeep on the weekends and serves as the “Governors Alarm” during the technical sections of the trail!

Tara Geno​

Office Assistant

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