Planning your Land Rover Restoration includes a lot of big decisions, a ton of research, and a lot of time. The good news is that Performance Unlimited has pro’s, that restore Land Rovers for a living! They’ve managed and performed hundreds of Land Rover Restorations and have an entire process that helps save you, all the time, pain and agony, of planning your restoration. Now, there are some really big decisions you need to make, and the firs is WHO will restore your Land Rover?

     There are a lot of good reasons to choose Performance Unlimited in Bridgewater Vermont for your Land Rover Restoration with the first and foremost being that parts for these machines are hard to come by. Performance Unlimited is also the home of D.A.P. Land Rover Parts, we’re known for having access to some of the best Land Rover parts in America and when you are restoring vehicles, access to parts is really important. Secondly, and arguably the most important, is that Vermonters understand rust and corrosion like no one else does. The winters here are brutal and the combination or road salt and brine eats cars and trucks for breakfast. Over the years we’ve formulated extensive corrosion protection procedures that we use throughout our Land Rover Restoration projects. Taking these steps ensures that your investment into restoring your Land Rover, is an investment that will endure time. At Performance Unlimited we have the parts you need, the experts to help you plan and execute your dream build, and the skill to make it last.

Planning Your Land Rover Restoration

     Every great restoration begins with a dream of building or owning something that is unique in nature, and special to you. The Land Rover Restoration experts at Performance Unlimited understand this and will help you realize your restorations full potential and, deliver on the promise to drive again.

     As we plan your restoration we start with the wants – what do you want for power, tire size, capability, creature comforts, features, and usability. This conversation makes way for planning engine upgrades, gearing changes that make for better road driving and it helps us understand what is important to you. Most importantly, this conversation establishes our to do list which drives the project budget. 

     Completing the entire restoration all at once is possible for some customers, while others may want to plan the restoration in stages. It all comes down to your budget and goals. Performance Unlimited is here to be your partner through this process and we look forward to working with you! Contact Us today to discuss scheduling and planning.

Our Land Rover Restoration Process

     In the case of a full Land Rover Restoration the entire vehicle will be disassembled, each part will be indexed and inspected for repair, repainting, or replacement. The process occurs in a dedicated room with specialized storage and tools that help organize the project.

     The Performance Unlimited Land Rover Restoration process is thorough and we look to resolve several “design oversights” that often become larger issues for many Land Rovers. The first one is wiring. While Land Rovers approach to wiring makes sense, the way it was done left room for improvement. We move many wires out of harms way and in some cases will rewire problem areas to ensure they work flawlessly down the road. Another issue is corrosion – When Aluminum and Steel make contact, they oxidize naturally. This oxidization is the corrosion that creates holes in every contact point on these vehicles. We take extra precaution and go through great lengths during reassembly to insert protective layers between all aluminum and steel components to prevent future oxidization.

     Many vehicles these days receive LED lighting upgrades too. The list is extensive on what we can do for your Land Rover and we look forward to helping you plan your restoration!

Delivering The Finest Restored Land Rovers​



Whether you plan to off-road your Land Rover, use it as an around town run about, or keep it as a seasonal vehicle on Matha’s Vinyard, the Land Rover Restoration and 4×4 experts at Performance Unlimited have you covered!