From mild to wild, Performance Unlimited of Vermont loves to install Jeep Lifts and customize Jeeps to suit the needs of our customers. Our customers come from all walks of life and most from Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Some are die hard Jeepers and some are just getting into the sport. We do our best to advise our customers on parts and services that will serve them well for the kind of driving they aspire to do. Then, we have the more wild crowd, the hard core off-roaders. Our shop proudly builds and maintains the Jeeps for 6 out of 10 local Killington Jeep Jamboree guides. If you know these guides, you’ll know they are a discerning bunch that expects quality and functionality over everything else. These guides are also hard on their parts which, further proves the strength of the tools and products, with which we choose to outfit them. Regardless of how much you know about Jeeps or Off-Roading, you’ll find the 4×4 experts at Performance Unlimited meet you on your level, and help you grow from there.

Jeep Lifts

     The first stage of building your Jeep effectively brings your Jeep from being a “Trail Rated” vehicle to becoming a “Trail Ready” vehicle. This stage can be triggered by many things like memories of your childhood, to fit bigger tires, to look the part, or to play the part. Once you begin exploring the idea of installing a Jeep lift and adding larger tires, we strongly recommend talking with every friend you have that has a lifted Jeep. They can answer a lot of questions, and share what has and hasn’t worked well. Then, you want to take those questions to a local Jeep expert like Performance Unlimited located in Bridgewater Corners Vermont.

     Selecting the correct lift kit for your Jeep is a big decision. There are a lot of Jeep lift kits on the market and they all look different, come with different parts, and fulfill different needs. The truth is, you get what you pay for. Now, it’s not our goal to spend your paycheck but, we want you to enjoy what you’ve worked hard for. This is why we like to start with a conversation about the Jeep, about you, and about what you want to do because installing 3 Jeep lifts is expensive! Especially when installing the right kit, the first time, was an option. We’ve installed thousands of Jeep lift kits from just about every manufacturer on the market; we know how much they cost, we know what their pro’s and con’s are, and we know how they drive. When you are ready to begin outfitting your Jeep – look no further than Performance Unlimited!

Moderately Modified Jeeps​

     Having discussed some of the more entry level items that include tires and Jeep lift kits in the section above, we begin to define the “moderately modified Jeeps” as those that see regular trail usage. These folks probably belong to a local Jeep club, go to off-road parks, or attend Jeep Jamboree events. They are looking to achieve that next level of performance that takes them from the easier trails, to more challenging terrain. These Jeeps are still driven regularly on the roads and maintaining this level of drivability is important.

     This too is a very consultative process where we begin honing in on your vision, establishing a budget to work with, and a plan to meet your goals. Most big Jeeps you see have been built over many years and very few can afford to build them right away.

     Here we begin talking about strength, durability, traction, performance, and safety. Common upgrades we see in this class of driver are 35-37″ tires, axle swaps, lockers, engine and transmission upgrades, axle re-gearing, recovery, and much more. If you are thinking that you may go on to turn your Jeep into a crawler, now is the time for exploring that long arm suspension that may have seemed a bit too expensive before. 

Fully Customized Jeeps

     When you’ve reached a level of driving that requires 1 ton axles, a full roll cage, 40″ tires, and V8 engine to get where you are going, you have likely graduated into the custom crawlers category! These Jeeps will still see on-road driving but do spend more time on trailers making it to or from events. At this stage most original Jeep parts have been removed and replaced with aftermarket or upgraded parts. How you get to this point is a journey in itself but, if this is the stage you are building for, then Performance Unlimited has the skill to get you there.

     Jeeps grow to this size one of two ways 1) the owner slowly upgraded everything over time and out of necessity or 2) the owner knew exactly what they wanted to do, and weren’t scared to go there. At this point in your build, comfort has taken a back seat to functionality. You’ve tossed the back seat to make room for your spare tire, tools, and recovery gear. The idea of “water proof” means water freely runs from the clouds through your floorboards, but those are just details, because what really matters is how far your axles can flex to maintain traction.