About Performance Unlimited

If you want to win, you need Performance. 


Performance Unlimited

     Performance Unlimited of Vermont specializes in Jeep lift installation and custom Jeep builds. While most mechanics believe they can install a lift kit, there is a confluence of knowledge necessary that combines vehicle design, understanding of usage, physics, and the parts market, to lift a vehicle correctly. We have been perfecting this art since the early 90’s, and today, Performance Unlimited builds some of the most impressive and capable lifted Jeeps and rock crawlers in New England. 


D.A.P. Land Rover Restoration

     D.A.P., once known as a Land Rover Parts Service is now known for their impressive Land Rover Restorations. You’ll find similar restoration services sprinkled across the country and the greatest density of them located here, in Vermont. The reason is, here in Vermont we know how to build vehicles that can endure harsh and corrosive driving conditions. For this reason, owners love their vehicles restored here because they know we’re taking the extra steps necessary to make their investment last!

Our story

     Performance Unlimited was a lifestyle and a dream of Rodney Brooks. His passion was born at an early age and he grew up making cars go faster. Over the years Rodney has been the Crew Chief for an NHRA drag car team, he’s built axles for Monster Trucks, he’s made mud trucks run faster, and he’s always had a project Jeep (or two). Normally a rather quiet guy, you’d occasionally hear him say “If it goes slow in four-wheel-drive or, has over 1,000 horsepower then, I’m in.” And it’s no joke. There is more knowledge packed into one person here than you’ll find in most shops, period. The best part of Rodney is that he loves to share his knowledge! In 2008, when the housing bubble burst, Rodney lost his job and, used his down time to help friends improve their Jeeps. This is when the dream of Performance Unlimited turned the corner into a reality. What began sharing 1/2 of a two car garage with his brother, is now a 120,000sf building stacked with vehicles and mechanics. Rodney shares his knowledge with his teams and helps them grow as individuals. When you want a vehicle built right, there is no question, Performance Unlimited for the win!

     Over the years, Performance Unlimited has played a major role in the creation of the Killington Jeep Jamboree event where we still operate as guides. We also serve as the official recovery service for Vermont Overland.